Lithium diisopropylamide

【Product name】:Lithium diisopropylamide

【CAS No.】:4111-54-0

【Molecular formula】: C6H14LiN

【Appearance】: Yellow or reddish brown liquid

【Product indexes】:
Content 1.0~2.0mol/L
Alkaline impurity:≤0.4%(max.)
Covalent chlorine and Cl-:≤0.03%(max.)
Solvent: tetrahydrofuran and hexane mixed solvents, such as other solvents or concentration requirements, can also be customized.

【Packing and transportation】:500ml, 1000ml alkyl lithium special glass bottles, 50kg steel bottled, 400kg steel bottled, or packaged according to customer specifications, large quantities of special vehicle transport.