【Product name】: n-Butyllithium

【CAS No.】:109-72-8

【Molecular formula】: C4H9Li

【Appearance】: Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

【Product indexes】:
Content of active butyl lithium 10~30%(or 1.0~3.0mol/L)
Activity ≥98%
Content of chlorobutane ≤0.03%
Content of chloride ion ≤0.03%
Solvents: cyclohexane, hexane, n-heptane, isooctane, toluene, etc.

【Packing and transportation】: 500ml, 1000ml in specific glass bottle, 50kg steel cylinder, 60kg steel cylinder, 5tons or above, is transported in tank car. Product is sealed and packed in a special stainless steel container (Storage temperature﹤20℃).